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They are perfect.
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omg … so cute!
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“You wrap your thoughts in works of art and they’re hanging on the walls of my heart”
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""Dear Mika, even though you are 80 and I have no idea where you will be when you read this letter, I just hope you are still weird".
This is the incipit of the series of 18 letters, observations, reflections that Mika decided to collect for the first time in an autobiographical book, as the message in a bottle for himself and anyone who’s willing to read it. It all started when Mika had a column on ” La Repubblica XL”, where he dealt with various topics in a profound and light way at once, just like he is. A collection embellished with artwork by him and his sister (who goes by the pen name DaWack) to discover Mika’s world: fresh, witty, at times bitter, just like life is."
Preface for “From MIKA to MIKA
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