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super mega close
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Mika talks about this tragedy 
Mika Freaks let’s #PrayForSouthKorea
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We need a gig
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Anonymous whispered : what about andy tag?? you used to have one ...

wow …. someone is keeping track of our tags

true, we used to have one but we choose to remove it,

Since those pictures appeared on italian press, I guess we can take this opportunity to tell the whole story, why you won’t find Andy’s pictures in Fyeahmika.

Actually we were asked (by andy’s staff) to delete some of our post related to him.  That request was a wake up call : we were going too far … He deserves privacy. We know Andy, he has always been there (since the beggining and that’s really awesome). He’s not the famous one. So, are we going to overexposing him?  No, we gonna show him our love (because we do LOOOVE him) by respecting his privacy.

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Anonymous whispered : Wow, i just typed in max taylor for a laugh because I know he's been getting kinda popular but finding pages like this are really bizarre. One of my close friends is married to him, I see him quite a bit, just strange to see people talking about him as fans hehe

lol … that’s sounds so random, but we can’t help it, he’s freaking talented and adorable, that’s why we have Max Taylor tag