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What? are you multilingual?

Sure!  we’re able to understand and reply in english, french and spanish, feel free to leave your ask in any of those lenguages.

About mika’s sexuality and love life in general:

One day mika opened his heart and tell to us the story behind the origin of love. YES!  is about a man. YES! he’s happily in love YES! that mean he’s gay. Recenlty Mika’s boyfriend identity was exposed in certain tabloid, That’s okay … we’re not surprised and they’re not hiding from anyone, it’s just so weird how suddenly mika’s love life is becoming a toppic.

About mika’s bf:

yes, we can talk about Andy…. he’s a pretty (so pretty) familiar face to mika freaks. he used to be in charge of some audiovisual aspects from mika’s shows. Actually he used to be on tour with mika and his band … that’s why fans know him , he was there to film shows and backstage footage. Always working but really kind to fans (well, like most of mika’s crew)  
we love him. 

(picture just in case you don’t know his handsome face)

Where do you find all your pics, videos, interviews and news in general? 

Our all time source is  also some others fans sites: , Mika Turkey and, of course, all mika’s official pages like Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and Youtube 

How do you make your Gifs?

Mademoiselle Fascinant make our gifs, she uses Photoshop CS5 portable version. Nop, we don’t have any kind of tutorial but we suggest you THESE

About haters, bitter comments or any hint of homophobia

Keep it to yourself!  You will be rudely ignored because we’re obviously better than you

Fyeahmika on Tumblr and where else?  facebook? twitter? youtube? myspce? flickr? livejournal? vimeo? formspring? 

we have 2 official pages:  Tumblr and Facebook

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