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in a cab with Paloma
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Penniman Family (well, just the kids) 
-Zuleika allegra (with the pink dress)
-Yasmine/Dwack (next to MIKA)
-MIKA  (you know him…)
-Paloma (with the floral dress)
-Fortune (can you believe he is only 19?)
Im sure that, order by age, MIKA is the brother in the middle, then comes Zuleika and Fortune is the youngest, and Yasmine is the oldest, followed by Paloma ;)
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Mika leaving the BBC Radio Theatre, 11-04-2010
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Modern Fairies by Fruzsina (deviantart)
Artist Comments:
… Okay….so it’s about Mika and his sisters….Mika fans probably know what I refer to with this, but those who are not so familiar with the fantastic Penniman family, will need some background information,so you had better read you my know MIKA is a fantastic artist ….his 3 sisters are like….everywhere around him, they are his stylists,his costume makers, one of them does the art for his albums….so they just kind of, create him, build him up. That’s why I drew them as fairies, I hope it makes sense. I used this for the reference picture, it’s from the French ELLE, please check it out: [link]I used one more reference picture for the raccoon(found in google), but that’s it, EVERYTHING ELSE is imaginary.They are called; from left to right: Yasmine : her name means…yasmine (the flowers), that’s why she has the flowers in her hair, and she’s the one who does the art for Mika’s albums and such. She’s an amazing artist under the penname DaWack. Paloma:  her name means…Dove, (the bird)…that’s why the doves are holding her hair. She’s Mika’s personal stylist, and an amazing one, I’d like to have her as mine too. Mika:his real name (Mica) means plastic bag as far as I know ….BUT Mika means full moon, and also Raccoon,that’s why they are there. He doesn’t need much more introduction, he is just pure awesomeness. Zuleika Allegra: her name means happiness, that’s why I put two symbols of happiness on her, one is on her hairband(aboriginal american), the other is on her necklace (chinese). She makes costumes for Mika’s shows…like clowns, etc. There’s this ’ .P ’ on their bracelets….it refers to their family name, Penniman.So that’s it I guess. Aren’t they just BEAUTIFUL? I think they are.  And they are all doing what they want, they are all amazing artists, and I look up to them and their whole family. There’s another sibling too, called Fortuné, he’s the shy one, he’s around 18 and is rumoured to look a lot like Mika. Which is…erm….a good thing. So that’s the story, hope it makes more sense now. :]Took around 40-50 hous or so, on and off.
Lovely piece of work, don’t you think?
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Mika with his sisters (From left: Yasmine, Paloma, Zuleika)