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A HUGE thank you to , MIKAConfessions was kinda running low on submissions and this lovely lady submitted some really awesome confessions for you <3 thank you!
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I’m not sure if this has been posted yet, but here’s Mika receiving the 2010 MFC yearbook!

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By Natalie-27
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Submitted by the perfect : <3
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So I made a MIKA Confessions blog, but it’s not your usual confessions blog, submitters can be as creative as they like. Just wanted you guys to know :)
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Screenshots from MIKA’s videos :) He’s adorable ♥
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M=Maintain our passion for living

I=Insist our determination on everything

K=Keep going as always

A=Act in fabulous way as we CAN!

Remember,Don’t spray on the cheese,spray on the GLITTER!!! 

xxx LKY from Malaysia.